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"When you are our client, you are part of our family. "

The most important goal of the Law Center of Central Florida is to provide services to those in need. When you are our client, you are part of our family.  We all make mistakes in life and we want to help you with no judgment attached. We believe in a hands-on approach and no problem is too difficult or too small to solve.  We care about your life and well-being.  If we cannot solve your issue, we assure you that we will find someone who will.

Aimee Occhetti

Senior Law Clerk


Aimee moved to The Villages, Florida over five years ago after spending twenty-three years in the District of Columbia. Her passion for the law coupled with helping those in need led her to The Villages (and her father and mother live here!). Aimee enjoys challenges and solving problems for all the people she meets. READ MORE

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